The Homeless Heart

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I am too excited to finally announce that my new book, The Homeless Heart, is now out!

Just writing the story made me cry, laugh out loud, feel inspired, and shocked me to the point of sitting in front of my computer with my mouth wide open. Half of the time even I didn’t know what would happen next in the story.

It was a joy of a novel to write. I can promise you that this novel will make you laugh. It will sadden you. It will inspire you.

It is available in paperback as well as digital format. Whichever you prefer, you can get a copy today.


The Homeless Heart

Change. Transformation. Renewal. Is it even
possible in a heart so hardened by hardship
and years of distance?

Although her name is oddly unique, her life is
quite the opposite and nothing of a miracle.

Daily sightings of a homeless beggar make her
angry. Constant surprises leave her confused.
Continual admiration from a stubborn man
proves her pridefulness. But can God’s love
outweigh the chaos in her life and resurrect
the deeply hidden pain of her heart?

With a Bible-preaching dad who pushes too
hard, and a humorous friend who doesn’t
even believe in God, the odds seem stacked
against her. Trouble seems to always show
up–a tragic past, a stranger’s death she was
unaware of that turns her world upside down.
Not to mention a sister who does no wrong
and is always in her face.

She had life all figured out. That is until
tragedy struck one particular night. Then it all
changed. She managed to move on. Then
over a decade later a homeless man walked
into town. She hated him and all he stood for.
But will he find a way into her heart?

What transformations must happen in order
to change her life forever? Or is change even
possible after all the years of pushing
everyone, including God, away?



Please feel free to share this new novel to your friends and family! Thanks and thank you for reading.